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HE’S 18!!!

My little boy is officially an adult. Happy 18th Birthday son! I am so proud of the responsible young man he has become. He has been working part time and is getting ready to start college. Our relationship is great, and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful young man for a son! 


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My boy’s almost grown =/

He’s still not mister popular senior, but Benny does have his group of friends and is happy. We’ve actually gotten a little closer this year too!

He got into several different colleges and actually sent an acceptance letter to a great in-state school! He’ll be moving into on-campus housing! I’m helping to get him ready for the move, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready!


In front of Benny’s UNIVERSITY! We’re beyond proud of him!!

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Here comes trouble

Teenage trials are setting in as Benny is now a driver, watch the roads people! Benny’s pretty responsible, but has had a couple bouts of bad judgment including alcohol. We had to ground him and I’m hoping he learned his lesson. Benny has gotten into a couple fistfights, over his girlfriend of course, and also decided to run away and get a matching tattoo with said girlfriend. Hopefully this will be the worst of it!


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Happy 15th Birthday Benny!

Benny’s 9th grade report card was great! He’s doing so well in all of his honors classes, including Honors Spanish!

He’s been dating a girl for a couple months and swears he’s in love. His dad had to talk to have the old birds and bees talk with him just in case he gets any crazy ideas! 

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So not ready for this part!

Benny’s still playing shy guy, and I really do think that is just who he is at this point. What I’m not used to is this newfound interest in men’s mags and sexually related websites on the internet. I mean I knew it was coming, but can a mom ever really be prepared for that?

I love that he’s now more aware of himself and people. He now finds little comparisons on how he is like me or his dad in ways. It’s so much fun! He’s also learning that people have different viewpoints about things such as religion and politics. I think it’s good that he’s able to discuss these things while truly listening to other people’s opinions. 

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Trying to fit in

Benny’s been trying to fit in with his friends a more lately. He seems to want certain clothes, shoes and hairstyles that his friends have. That’s normal right? We still want him to be him though. He’s had some more life experiences as we got his 9th grade progress report and he had a couple low grades for the first time ever. And at a vocal competition a group from his school stole from a store. The kids got caught and were suspended and Benny agreed with the punishment. I’m glad that he can see right and wrong, and that actions have consequences.


Benny & his friends…who’s who here?!? 😉